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Unicook Stainless Steel Pizza Peel Pizza Peels


$ 19.99


If you often make pizza at home and enjoy it with your family, you would find it important to choose a good pizza peel. Transferring a raw dough without the right utensil is troublesome. Pizza peels made of bamboo or wood could be too short for the stove, and they might absorb food residue or odor. Unicook pizza peel is designed to meet your needs! Wide size stainless steel blade keeps pizza steadily, long handle allows you to transfer the pizza or dough safely from the hot oven. Now serve and enjoy your creation!

Key Features of Unicook Stainless Steel Pizza Paddle:
Constructed with durable stainless steel, built to last longer than wooden or bamboo pizza shovel.
Thin blade for easily loading and unloading pizza.
Backstep and elevated edge keeps pizza steadily.
Long wooden handle prevents hand burns.
Convenient to store in drawer or cabinet when detached.
Easy to clean with soft sponge or wet clothes.
A practical tool for pizza stone, perfect gift for your friend and family to make delicious homemade pizza.

Tips for Use:
Spread some flour or cornmeal on the blade before putting dough on it, in order to prevent the dough from sticking on the peel.

Product Specifications:
Blade Size: 10" x 14"; Full length with handle: 25"
Metal Blade: Stainless steel; Handle: Natural Wood
Package include: 1 x pizza peel

Care Instruction:
Please don’t cut stuff on the peel directly, the blade might get scratched.
No dishwasher safe. Please clean it with water by hands.

High Quality Material – This pizza peel is made of food grade stainless steel, withstands high temperature, metal surface won’t absorb residue or odor, more durable and healthier than wooden or bamboo pizza peel.

Large Size Blade – The blade measures 10″ x 14″, large enough to meet different baking needs, blade with backstep and elevated edge prevents the pizza from falling off. Before transferring dough on blade, spread some flour, cornmeal or wheatmeal on the pizza paddle to prevent the dough from sticking.

Humanized Design – Thin blade slides under the pizza easily for loading and unloading pizza to the oven. Long wooden handle helps to transfer pizza or bread to the hottest section of oven, prevents hand burns.

Multipurpose Tool – Perfect pizza shovel to transfer pizza, bread, pastry, pies from oven, wood fire oven or grill. Works great with pizza stone.

Convenient Storage – Overall length: 25″; Blade size: 10″ x 14″; Handle length: 11″. Capable to fit in drawer or cabinet when detached, or can be hanged in the kitchen by the hook.

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