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Unicook Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer Shish Kabob Set Grill Toppers


$ 15.99


Best BBQ Shish Kabob Skewers Set! Bonus of 50pcs Bamboo Skewers!
Unicook shish kabob set is especially useful when grilling delicate meat kabobs that are easy to stick to the grill grate. No mess for Your Grill!

BBQ Skewers Set Features:
Unicook shish kabob set is built from food-grade stainless steel to ensure strength and durability, unlike the black painting version, no need to worry about the coating coming off the skewers and get into your food, easy to clean.
It is reusable to save money, environment friendly and long lasting.
50pcs of 100 % natural bamboo skewers as a bonus!

► Foldable raised kabob rack allows to rotate the skewers as if on a spit, 0.375 inch higher than the standard rack in the market, so your food won’t stick to the grill grate, but close enough to absorb flame-kissed flavor. Superior stiffener and locking mechanism are added to make the rack more stable and outlast all others.
► 6pcs reusable flat stainless steel skewers can be placed on the rack horizontally or vertically to cook all sides evenly. The special notches and slots design secure the skewers in place without turning or falling off. The pointed tip of skewers makes sliding on meat, fruits and vegetables easy.
► 50pcs 13.75"L bamboo skewers can be used individually, or constructed with the kabob rack as set. It is versatile, perfect for grilling, serving cold appetizers, fondue & more.

Care and Use:
►Grab both opposing sides of rack when lift the skewers along with rack;
►Oil the stainless steel skewers surface before piercing the meat kabobs to make it more non-stick;
►Make sure to soak the bamboo skewers in water before grilling;
►The skewers have sharp edge. It is not appropriate for children without adult supervision;
►Kabob set and food will be very hot. Use tongs or oven mitts when handling this product;
►Dry thoroughly after each use.

【Upgraded Barbecue Skewer】Shish kabob skewer set includes 6 stainless steel skewers + 1 grill rack holder + 50 bamboo skewers. The kabob grill rack is enlarged to increase the cooking area by 10% and elevate the shish kabobs, keeps food high enough off the grill grates to prevent sticking, perfect for grilling delicate meat and vegetables.

【Durable BBQ Skewers for Grilling】 High quality stainless steel construction with stiffener and locking mechanism design added to make the rack more stable, build to last longer, great for use on any type of oven or charcoal, gas and electric grills, a perfect addition to your grill accessories.

【Specially Designed Notches】 Special step-down U notches allow flat skewers to be placed steady in horizontal or vertical direction and cook the kabobs evenly on all sides.

【Extra Bamboo Skewers】Bonus of 50pcs 13.75″L natural bamboo skewers, perfect for parties and big families. Warm-tip: Soak the bamboo skewers in water at least for 30 minutes before grilling.

【Easy Cleanup and Storage】Easy cleaning. Grill rack can be folded in half for minimal storage space.

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