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Unicook Outdoor Grill Griddle Cover Support Pole Griddle Grill Covers


$ 14.89


Why Choose Unicook Patio Cover Support Pole?

▶ For Griddle Covers: Traditional grill griddle cover will rest directly on the oil coated griddle surface, which will be messed up. Besides, rain will penetrate through the seams of the cover and ruin your griddle grill. Unicook Support Pole will prop up the griddle grill cover, keep it from touching the oily griddle top, prevent water from pooling and debris from accumulating on the cover, increase airflow, help to reduce inside condensation and keep your griddle always dry.
▶ For Patio Furniture Covers: When your outdoor furniture is covered, the large flat surfaces of low points on the furniture covers will collect water, snow, ice and debris.
Unicook Support Pole will elevate the cover, repel water and debris, and create better airflow between the furniture and cover.
Why Not Airbag/Air Pillow?

1. Airbag need inflate with extra air pump. Unicook support pole is very easy to assemble in seconds, no tools required.

2. Temperature affects air pressure which expands or lowers airbag pressure and adding air regularly is required to return the airbag to full inflation. Unicook support pole is constructed with sturdy rustproof plastic, last as long as your patio covers in all weather conditions.

Outdoor Grill Griddle Cover Support Pole – Keep your cover away from the oil coated griddle surface, prevent water from pooling and debris from accumulating, allow water to run off, keep your griddle always dry and ready for use, extend the life of your grill cover.

Outdoor Furniture Cover Support Pole – Use the support pole under the patio table cover, Place it at the low points of outdoor furniture, Create dome-shaped surface and allow airflow under cover, Prevent water from pooling and snow/debris from accumulating.

Rustproof Material – Constructed from tough rustproof ABS material and designed for long-lasting performance.

Updated Support Pole – Assembled height is 8″. The 5.5″ diameter dome shape cap distributes the weight of the cover and 9″ diameter sturdy base provides extra stability and keeps it in place. The durable support pole cap with holes, accepts additional support straps (not included).

Provides support to your patio furniture cover. 3-5 pcs support poles are suggested to be used for extra-large size patio furniture. Easy to install and no tools required.

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