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Unicook 12 Inch Round Pizza Stone Pizza Stones


$ 28.97


Use Unicook pizza stone to Cook delicious crisp crust pizza Like a Chef and Amaze Your Family and Friends. Unicook pizza stone can be used in outdoor grill and home oven. This stone is convenient for cooking homemade pizza and frozen pizza. In addition to pizza, the stone can be used to bake breads, cookies, biscuits and more.

How to Use Unicook Pizza Stone
It is important to know that stone without preheating will not cook evenly. Please preheat the stone before placing food on it.

1. Place the stone itself on the bottom rack of your oven or grill and preheat it at 500°F (260°C) for about 30 minutes.
2. Dust the bottom of your pizza dough with flour or cornmeal to create non-stick surface.
3. Transfer the pizza to be baked onto the stone by a well-floured pizza peel.
4. Close the oven lid and cook the pizza for 10 to 12 minutes.
5. Check in halfway to ensure the pizza is not overheated.
6. Once the crust is brown, remove the pizza from stone. Enjoy at once.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone
1. Let the stone completely cool off before washing.
2. Use scraper, brush or nylon pad to remove excess food.
3. Hand wash with warm water for daily cleaning.
4. To remove deeper stains, wash the stone with mixing baking soda and water.
5. Dry the stone in an oven completely after cleaning.
6. Store the stone in a clean & dry place.

Note: A well-used pizza stone typically has many dark, discolored areas, which is normal and no need to clean. It means your pizza stone become naturally seasoned and gets better to use.

1. Never season pizza stone with oil or grease. It will develop non-stick surface with regular use.
2. Do not use soap or detergent which may affect the taste of food.
3. Never handle a hot pizza stone with bare hands.
4. Pizza stone can break if bumped or dropped. Handle with care.
5. Do not cut pizza on a pizza stone.

Made of all natural Cordierite stone, sintered in 2100°F kiln for hours, feature of superior strength, durability, heat retention and excellent thermal shock resistance. NO odor when heating!

Full of invisible micro-pores which absorb and eliminate excess moisture from dough, avoiding the sogginess that often occurs with metal pans, create a crisp crust for your pizza.

Heat resistant up to 1,450°F (787°C). Great for cooking fresh or frozen pizza on the grill or in the oven. Perfect for baking pizza, bread, cookies, biscuits and more at home with family and friends.

12 inch Pizza Stone: Family-size Baking Stone, measures 12″ in diameter, weighs up to 4.5lbs, golden thickness 0.6″(15mm), distributes heat evenly for optimal cooking. Come with a free plastic multi-purpose scraper, use as a dough cutter and easy to scrape off the residue stuck to the stone (use on cool stone surface only).

【Warning】Never use soap or detergent to clean the stone! Never season ceramic pizza stone with oil or grease! 【WARM TIP】If your stone arrives damaged or you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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